Bitcoin Design Update #2

November 5 to 25, 2020

Community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  • #design-review calls #5  and #6 happened with a discussion of the Spectre wallet (video) and Sifir privacy wallet (video)

  • Community call #7 is happening today at 9am PT with an update on the progress on the Bitcoin Design Guide

  • The calendar has been updated with the call schedule through January, including the new call format “Bitcoin Design Guide Jam Session”

  • Vote for an approach for managing the domain here. This long-standing issue is now finding a resolution

Bitcoin design guide 🗺️

  • Ken improved the home page copy. Check it.

  • Christoph is ready for wider feedback and collaboration on the “Getting started” section. Take a look (preview, pull request).

  • Daniel is working on the “Private key management” section. It is still in draft mode, but you can take a look at the current state (preview, pull request).

  • There are new issues for Contribute, About and Projects pages. Share your thoughts on whether we need them and what should go on there.

  • Other in-progress issues include work on a defining the audience, a glossary, the 404 page and more. See all issues.

  • Alexa has contributed a new theme for the website header called “Bridging Bitcoin”.

Take a look at the following graphic for a visual overview based on a rough sitemap (see the Figma file for clickable links).

Seeking feedback 🗣️👂

  • The Sifir team are looking for some UX tips on their wallet with social features like PGP (design review video with context).

Everything else

  • Photon SDK has a new website

  • Is it helpful for users to print cheat sheets of their wallet setups for future recover? Discuss on Slack

  • Read about supporting bitcoin on low-bandwidth devices (article, Slack)

Some numbers 📈

  • There are now 749 slack members 🚀

  • The BitcoinDesign/Meta repo has 13 open issues and 1 open pull request

  • The BitcoinDesign/Guide repo has 20 open issues and 6 open pull requests 

What do think of everything that is going on? Anything we missed? Let us know.

The next update will come in about 3 weeks. Let’s see what we can make happen until then.